Time to pick gooseberry

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Gooseberry marmelade

Do you have gooseberries in your garden and you do not know really what to use them for? Here is an idea for a great jam which also fits well for a strong cheese, in fact you can serve it on a cheese plate possibly as in between dish before a dessert. Gooseberries can be… 

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Rocket salad with tuna fish

Ever since we picked rocket salad this morning, we have been looking forward to make a good salad for lunch. It became this tasty tuna salad. Rocket salad with tuna fish   Print Prep time 10 mins Total time 10 mins   Author: Jens Erik Ebbesen Recipe type: Rocket salad with tuna fish Cuisine: Danish… 

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Egg Omelette with Spinach and Chia seeds

Another variant of our egg omelette with spinach and chia seeds. Here we have chosen to combine the slightly spicy taste from fajita with a slightly sweet taste from creme fraiche with pineapple. That along with the light crunchy effect from chia seeds gives a good taste. If you are vegetation, you can replace the… 

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Chia pancakes with broccoli, vegetables from wok and curds with pineapple

As we establish our new kitchen we do not have much time for cooking. Often we have to cook in a hurry. However since we do not spend time shopping either, we have to cook with whatever is in the refrigerator. This evening it was quite empty, however we had some vegetables : carrots, onions,… 

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Spejlæg med chiafrø

Fried Egg with Chia Seeds

Fried egg with chia-seeds, it can’t be more simple and yet very tastefull. I guess further recipe is needless!

Brunch tallerken-3

Weekend brunch plate

  On weekends we like to make a cozy brunch. Even if you do not think you have much in the fridge, in most cases you will be surprised to see how you will be able to make an impressive brunch plate anyway. Here’s an example where we had some fruit left over from the night… 

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Asiatisk hotpot 2

Asian Hot Pot Soup

Asian hot pot soup is so simple to make. What ever vegetables you have in your fridge, you can make a delicious asian hot pot soup. The only trick is not to overdo your vegetables, rather they should remain crisp, with a bite! Asian Hot Pot Soup   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time… 

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Bønnesuppe med 3 forskellige slags bønner

Three-Bean Chili Soup With Spring Pesto

Beans are really an underestimated vegetable. In my younger days i didn’t like them, maybe because the first time beans was served to me, they were overcooked. However once I started growing my own beans I started to like them. Now I use them as often as I possible can. Here is a recipe that… 

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Broccoli med bønner og chiafrø

Broccoli with red kidney beans and chia seeds

Broccoli is one of my  favorite vegetables. Here I mix it with red kidney beans, red onion, tomatoes and chia seeds. The latter to give it a boost when it comes to nutritions. Do you know that chia seeds amongst others contains 6 times more protein than in kidney beans and 15 times more magnesium… 

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Rugbrød med Grahamsmel 640

Rye bread with wholemeal flour and chia seeds

Here is our version of a rye bread with wholemeal flour. Here, there is more bread than white bread because we have left out the greater part of the flour that you see in other recipes. Moreover, we have ‘jazzed’ it on with sunflower seeds, chia seeds and raisins. Rye bread with wholemeal flour and… 

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Spring sourdough ryebread

While waiting for spring to come and since there is very little to do in the garden, we have time to bake. And time plays a crucial role when baking bread. As a farmer once said: “There is no shortcut to a quick harvest.” If you do not have time enough, you should not bake…. 

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Løg æggekage med chiafrø

Onion omelette with chia seeds (150 kcal)

After a YearEnd break it is often time to eat  little more healthy. This onion omelette can be served at the brunch table or as a light lunch. If  you are not dieting it can even be served with a piece of fresh baked bread or some fried chicken breast slices. Onion omelette with chia… 

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Kartoffel- og pastinaksuppe

Sweet Potato and Parsnip Soup

Winter is soup time. There’s nothing better than getting a warm soup after being outside in the cold winter weather. Here is a creamy soup made of sweet potatoes and parsnips. The two root vegetables sweetness comes forward in this delicious rich and creamy soup. Be careful not to serve it burning hot to avoid… 

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Madpandekage med chia og tranebær

This morning I had a some fresh cranberries left over from Christmas that needed to be used. So why not use them in a pancake with chia seeds for breakfast? The pancake was served with cottage cheese and cinnamon. Here is the recipe (2 pieces): Pancake with Chia seeds and fresh Cranberries   Print Prep… 

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Italienske mandelkager

Italian Biscotti di Prato

These Italian cookies are sometimes also called Cantucci. Since they are rather hard Italians often are dipping them in a glass of vin santo. They are fairly easy to make. Now that it’s New Year’s night tonight, I can reveal here that we serve them instead of the traditional New Years cake at. 24:00 and here… 

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Frokostbrød med chia-1093

Healthy Lunch bread

Are you looking for a healthy lunch-bread, here’s a suggestion. We use ricotta in the recipe which gives the bread a good taste while the chia seeds retains moisture in the bread. It makes the bread suitable to be used over several days without drying out whether you want to use it for lunch or… 

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Homemade Hummus

Hummus is a classic appetizer or snack from the Middle East made primarily out of a chickpea puree with varying ingredients. Mainly used ingredients are tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Hummus can advantageously be served, for example, as a dip for appetizers or applied directly to the freshly baked, warm flatbread. The name… 

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Rajma Chaval and Aaloo Gobi (Red Kidney Beans with Rice and Cauliflower)

            This weekend a good Indian friend of mine (Sandeep Goel) visited me in Stockholm. During the morning he helped me out with some food photography for an upcoming cookbook. After lunch we decided to make an Indian Dish and here I helped him out. The choice of Sandeep was… 

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Ovnbagte rodfrugter

Oven-baked root vegetables with chilli jelly

Do you recognize the situation where you do not really have anything in the fridge besides vegetables from the previous days of cooking like, a carrot, a onion, maybe a parsnip, potato, beetroot and maybe even a residual pumpkin? And what would you do with it? Here is a suggestion for a dish which takes… 

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Banan muffins

Muffins with banana and chocolate

Today I had three bananas that needed to be used before they expired. The skin was completely black, but inside they were OK. And what do you in such a situation? Banana cake? No, we got that last weekend. But then I got an idea, why not try to do muffins instead. And so I… 

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Glutenfrit brød

Buckwheat bread with carrots and chia seeds in a form (gluten-free)

Buckwheat bread with carrots and chia seeds in a form (gluten-free)   Print Prep time 120 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 2 hours 45 mins   Last weekend I promised to bring a recipe for a bread that I had baked. Here it is. A fine bread with lots of healthy ingredients, easy… 

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